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The Online International Math Challenge (IMC) is widely regarded as a prominent global contest centered around mathematics, catering to students across all academic levels and age groups worldwide.

Mission & Objectives

  • Encourage students to strive for excellence in mathematics

  • Improve critical thinking skills of problem solvers

  • Promoting international-mindedness and global perspectives among students


Full online and is open to all students from any type of schools all around the world. In this Online IMC, students will compete individually under six categories

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What is new this year?


This year we are in collaboration and partnership with six universities in the world. These universities offer many types of scholarships to participants of Online International Math Challenge in Category 5.


This year all questions will be available in 5 languages: English, Thai, Chinese, Russian and Spanish. A participant will be able to see the questions in his/her preferred language as well as switch between languages whenever he/she wants.


As the number of prices has risen, we will be providing a total of 6 iPad Air, 18 iPad 9th Gen, and 24 Galaxy Tab A7 Lite devices.

Category 1- Category 5 participants who received the gold, silver, and bronze award will be entitled to the second round of the Copernicus Olympiad in the 2023-2024 academic year.